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Section 125 (Cafeteria Plan) Administration

Section 125 plans, also known as cafeteria plans, allow employees to increase their take-home pay by allowing numerous benefits and employee-related expenses - including, but not limited to health insurance premiums, life insurance premiums, and dependent care costs - to be deducted from their paychecks on a pre-tax basis.

Regardless of whether an employer want to use a third-party administrator to handle their section 125 administration or do it themselves (in-house), AFG has the tools to make sure the job gets done right.


AFG understands the importance of a benefit administrator's ongoing contact with their clients. We maintain direct communication with our clients to keep them updated on plan information, legislative changes, and compliance issues. We also oversee the relationship between third-party administrators and our clients to ensure the highest level of customer service is being provided.

Enrollment and education programs​

Our in-house service team works directly with employers and employees to provide information including brochures, booklets, and payroll stuffers. We provide onsite assistance, as well as internet-based enrollment and education tools to ensure the needs of our clients and their staff are being met.

AFG's Service Team understands the benefits world from the perspective of both the employer and the employee. We work to ensure that everyone is able to take maximum advantage of the benefits program.

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