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Hope is not a strategy.

At the AFG Private Client Group, we serve as a private wealth manager following the tenets of tactical and strategic asset allocation. We aim to deliver risk-adjusted market returns while managing portfolio turnover and volatility.

No one has the market cornered on good ideas.

​​As an independently managed wealth advisory firm, we search and evaluate from virtually all possible investment concepts to find the right solutions for our clients' needs. We manage client portfolios to optimize performance and cost- and tax-efficiency across a multitude of both traditional and alternative investments. However, diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Translated, this means that our only allegiance is to you. It also means we have no hidden agendas or entangling relationships with any investment companies. It also means our fees are transparent and easy to understand. Our incentives are aligned with our clients.

Our investment philosophy centers around four primary principles:

1. Strategic Asset Allocation

We are committed to asset allocation and diversification, both within and among asset classes. Diversification means thoughtfully combining multiple types of non-correlated asset classes with the goal of targeting performance with a lower risk exposure than can be obtained by isolating any of the component asset classes. As long-term wealth managers, we actively utilize a broad range of investment tools, such as equities, fixed income, real estate, limited partnerships, and cash.

2. Risk Management

We employ the risk versus reward concept in every investment recommendation we make. Ultimately we recognize that every investment carries some type of inherent risk. It is our job to analyze whether the potential risk is commensurate with the historical rewards an investment has provided. We realize that past performance of an investment in no way predicts future performance, and we also acknowledge that we do not have the ability to impact market returns; we can control our client's exposure to risk.

3. Open-Architecture Manager Selection

Our open and objective selection of investment managers is based solely on one thing: how well they can serve our clients. Our experienced team does an exhaustive amount of research and due diligence to help insure that the investment managers we select can perform toward the objectives they set forth.

Recognizing no two clients' needs are the same, we utilize a large range of investments from all asset classes. This puts us in the position to always put your needs first.

4. Taxes and Costs

Portfolio turnover, management fees, transaction costs, and taxes can be detrimental to a client's overall wealth. We attempt to manage these concerns by properly selecting our clients' investments.

​Whether it means selecting the most cost-effective investments or establishing tax-advantaged accounts, we are constantly striving to manage any drains from a client's wealth. We utilize a myriad of investment tools and options to address any costs and transaction concerns are clients may have.