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The difference is in the details.

Your plan is yours alone.

Only one measure counts: are we helping your meet your goals? The first step is to sit down with you and define your objectives, recognizing they are different for every client.

Only then do we draw upon our experience to develop a plan unique and appropriate for your situation. As a client of the Private Client Group, you will be presented with a 3-part plan specific to your needs.

The first part is the Investment Plan. This plan will outline our exact strategy on how we recommend managing your wealth.

The second step is your Investment Policy Statement. The is our "roadmap." The Investment Policy Statement is a broad overview of the different investment tools and processes we will utilize in addressing your wealth management concerns.

The third is your Advanced Plan. This plan details our suggestions on how to address many of the legal, tax, and estate planning needs you may have.

Investment Plan

Investment Policy Statement

Advanced Plan

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