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Executive Compensation Services

As a successful professional, you know that to reach the pinnacle of success you need to depend on other people. But not on just anyone, on the right people. That's why we developed our Executive Compensation Services. AFG assists employers in the selection and management of recruiting incentives, non-qualified retirement plans, and executive compensation plans. We instill confidence in your company's future.

Deferred compensation plans​

AFG designs Deferred Compensation Plans as an important tax planning option for executives and their families. Our plans allow employers to choose which executives they would like to have participate, without fear of running afoul of Department of Labor guidelines.

Executive compensation analysis

An important component of executive compensation planning is knowing the facts. We provide benchmarking research and studies to help ensure your planning tools are competitive. As part of our analysis program, we can also provide employee compensation reporting. Most employees don't realize the full financial commitment you, as an employer, make on their behalf. Our reporting tools allow you to show them that their compensation includes a lot more than just their salary.

Business continuation benefits​

We provide options for buy-out planning, key-person protection, long-term care benefits, as well as disability-related salary continuation plans. These benefits help ensure our clients remain stable and viable in the event of unforeseen change.

​Did you know that without the proper planning, any income paid to an executive while on an extended leave may be construed as a non-deductible, taxable distribution? Even if you're the business owner, you may be subjected to these unintended consequences. ( Click here for the case law the IRS uses to support this action. ) There is a solution. Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation and let us show you how we can help.