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Tonight's Blue Moon

July 31, 2015

We spend a lot of our time focusing on the creation and management of wealth.  We do this, and our valued clients do this because we care.  We care about our families, we care about our futures, and we care about the future of the world around us.  

Tonight, July 31, 2015 a pretty cool occurrence will take place.  We will have a Blue Moon.  A Blue Moon is the rare occurrence of a send full moon in the same month.  Ancient cultures saw this as a sign of great prosperity and wonderful things to come in the coming month.  For me, I'm more inclined to follow the traditions of the last few centuries.  It's said that it is good luck to toast your friends and loved ones under the Blue Moon.  Since I find any occasion to toast the people around me to be fortuitous, I think the legend may be on to something.  So tonight, grab your friends, grab your loved ones and open that bottle of champagne you've been saving.  Let this be the start of great things to come.