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Self-Funded Plan Services

Our experience with self-funded and partially self-funded benefit plans has given us extensive working knowledge of the industry. From design to implementation, we provide "hands-on" management of self-funded medical plans and help maintain your budget by targeting and controlling high cost elements of employee health plans.

Alliances with national insurance and reinsurance carriers​

We have relationships with the top national reinsurance carriers to provide stop-loss coverage for all clients with self-funded contracts.

Partial self-funding​

If you're not sure if you are ready to "take the plunge" in the fully self-funded benefits arena there may be hope. We have a number of partially self-funded options which can give you many of the advantages of a self-funding but still limit your claims exposure.

Customized data analysis and cost management​

We offer customized monthly reporting and analysis to clients along with evaluation of group insurance plan performance.

Third party administration​

AFG works closely with qualified third party administrators to manage all aspects of self-funded benefit plans.

Employee education​

We realize the details of self-funding medical plans can be confusing. We offer educational materials and opportunities to help employees manage their self-funded health plans.

Wellness plans​

One of the easiest ways to address the rising costs of health-related claims is to promote wellness and better health. We can help you design a wellness plan that is appropriate for your organization.

How to start

Self-funded benefits programs are complex. That's why it's important to partner with a firm like AFG and our Benefits Planning Group. Before any recommendations are made, we will do a comprehensive review of your organization's needs and experiences. Only then will we provide a recommendation regarding your best course of action. We work hard to take the confusion out of the self-funded arena. Please contact us to arrange a consultation to review your situation.