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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Sometimes we can all use a hand. When life throws you a curveball, you're not alone. 

At the AFG Benefits Planning Group, we partner with some of the best Employee Assistance Programs available. Whether your organizations needs a stand-alone EAP or chooses to integrate and health insurance carrier-based program, we're here to help.

Employees and their household members use EAPs to help manage issues in their personal lives. EAP counselors typically provide assessment, support, and referrals to additional resources such as counselors for a limited number of program-paid counseling sessions. The issues for which EAPs provide support vary, but examples include:

  • Substance abuse
  • Emotional distress
  • Major life events, including births, accidents, and deaths
  • Health care concerns
  • Financial or non-work-related legal concerns
  • Family/personal relationship issues
  • Work relationship issues
  • Concerns about aging parents

An EAPs services are usually free to the employee and their household members, having been pre-paid by the employer. In most cases, an employer contracts with a third-party company to manage its EAP. Some of these companies rely upon other vendors or contracted employees for specialized services to supplement their own services, such as: financial advisors, attorneys, travel agents, or elder/child care specialists.

​Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with privacy laws and ethical standards.

This is where AFG comes in.

​We help serve as a conduit between you, your staff and the appropriate programs. We will help you, as an employer, choose the right level of EAP for your company. Then, on an ongoing basis, we will help your staff receive the care they need.

EAP Buyers Guide

An example of the type of EAP we work with is the Jorgensen Brooks Group. Please take a look at their site to get better understanding of the types of services that are available.

Jorgensen Brooks Group​